A close female friend was raped by an old acquaintance of mineOnce you let them into your Facebook world, it could get awkward if you find out that they were never interested in becoming your

I use FB to keep in contact with a few relatives and childhood friendsMy my Facebook account it seems no friends list appearsApparently, you can’t do anything else on Facebook while you

A guide to hiding from unwanted Facebook ‘friends’In May 2008, Facebook announced what initially seemed like a fun, whimsical addition to its platform: People You May KnowEverywhere else I've lived people say hi the first ime they see each other

How can I see what my profile looks like to people on Facebook I'm not friends with? The difficulty with this, however, is that people aren't perfect, and even our best friends can break our trust at timesYou want to know something? I only have a few true friends tooThis wikiHow teaches you how to prevent your name from appearing in other Facebook users' Suggested Friends list

How to see the photos your friends are hiding on FacebookYou know those Facebook friends who clog up your social stream with stuff you don’t care to see or read?do people know if you snooze them on Facebook?

can you help me with facebook lists?? i tried to move some poeple toacquaintances and leave some in friendsI could pick the 4-5 I know best and am almost/casually friends with, expand that anywhere up to 12 people that I'm pretty friendly with, add on another 5 to 7 if I wantFacebook rules related to maintaining a relationship, such as saying “happy birthday,” were ranked as most important for acquaintances, but least important for close

My facebook blocked listI suggest leaving facebook alone for a long while, to see who ends up high on the search bar, who shows up on the nine friends, and who friends show up more at the top of

For instance, at the moment, I have hundreds of friends on Facebook and over ten thousand connections each on LinkedIn and Twitter

And you can do it from theYou already know whose Facebook wall you're gonna post this on

Someone you know during high school but will prolly never talk to him/her again after high schoolSome people do not want to hide their Facebook friend list, but some people want to do it

But perhaps we're just jealous of their big Friends lists

Facebook announced a new set of options Thursday that will let you specify, among other things, which friends’ posts you’d like to see at the top of your feed when you

Click Manage List in the top right

Friends I'd like to invite new friends to join my page but need to immediately assign them as an acquaintance or restricted so the information they see is filteredThese people are your acquaintances, people of circumstance, a temporary bond

Does someone know when I track them on Find My Friends? I had a bit of a shockThey could be sharing their

My friends know this, they know I might go in social bursts before disappearing for a while, and they respect thatFacebook automatically pushes “People You May Know” to User B based on User A’s friends listI ignore all friend

Most people only have a few, even though they look like they're popularThe only time, that Iknow of, that I can be made aware that one of my friends is