Bd898 transistor datasheets

Text: BD896, BD898, BD900, BD902 PNP SILICON POWER DARLINGTONS Designed for Complementary Use , -45 BD896 BD898 VALUE -45 BD898 BD900 VCEO -60 -80 V -100 BD902 VEBO , SEPTEMBER 2002 Specifications are subject to change without notice. 1 BD896, BD898, BD900, BD902 , noted) PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS MIN BD896 Collector-emitter BD898-80 IB = 0 VCE = -30 V ICEO IB = 0 BD896-0.5 Collector-emitter VCE = -30 V IB = 0 BD898

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3 bd896, bd898, bd900, bd902 pnp silicon power darlingtons august 1993 - revised march 1997. maximum safe operating regions. maximum forward-bias safe operating area sas135ad ic - collector current - a -10-1·0-0·1. bd896 bd898 bd900 bd902-0.01-1·0 -10 -100 -1000 vce - collector-emitter voltage - v BD244C High Power Bipolar Transistor Page 2 05/08/08 V1.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings Characteristic Symbol BD244C Unit Collector-Base Voltage (Open Emitter) VCBO Maximum 100 V Collector Emitter Voltage (Open Base) VCEO Collector Current IC 6.0 A Total Power Dissipation upto TC = 25°C Ptot 65 W Junction Temperature Tj 150 °C Collector Current ... BD898 datasheet, BD898 datasheets, BD898 pdf, BD898 circuit : POINN - PNP SILICON POWER DARLINGTONS ,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. the BD266 is a silicon PNP darlington power transistor: Source: Va Valvo Handbuch Transistoren...