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Each 702 OLED monitor comes from SmallHD precalibrated. Easily install your own 3D LUT calibration with advanced colour management solutions like Light Illusion's, LightSpace CMS, or SpectraCal's CalMAN. Load any 3D LUT via SD card using SmallHD’s ColorFlow 3D LUT engine. Software That Eliminates Hardware

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SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD solutions provide easy-to-learn, yet extremely powerful functionality that shortens product development time, reduces costs, and improves quality. As the above LUT image shows there are 'kinks' in the shadow area that may introduce unwanted colour artefacts into the final calibration. Using the LUT Manipulation tools with LightSpace CMS it is very easy to remove these errors, while keeping the underlying profile data. Ted's LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk Free Version is a Lite Version of the Full Disk that works with the following free calibration software solutions: Light Illusion's LightSpace ZRO, SpectraCAL's CalMAN ColorChecker, and HCFR (free open-source). Calibration sing i1 probe with LightSpace and esolve 3 2016 Flanders Scientific, Inc. Click on the Workspace menu in Resolve, select Monitor Calibration, then select LightSpace A popup dialog in Resolve will request an IP address, which can be found once you start LightSpace CMS Start LightSpace CMS and click on the network manager icon.

Lightspace Co., Ltd, was established in 2007, located in Huadu District, Guangzhou City, China. Our company has been devoted to advanced technical production of laser scanning systems, laser modules and laser projectors for years and has become a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality laser systems. (And yes, we do see and read all download request forms, so feel free to write something witty in the comments!) A valid email address is needed or you will not receive the download link. Please make sure you have typed your email address correctly! With Resolve 10 LightSpace CMS has been directly integrated, and can be accessed via the "Color / Monitor Calibration / LightSpace" menu. This enables LightSpace, either running on the same PC as Resolve (if a Windows machine) or a networked PC (if the Resolve system is not Windows based), to take control of the Resolve output and directly display the required calibration patches. 也支持基于C5、spyder等民用级别的粗略的白平衡校正(不建议)。保证您始终看到真实的色彩。可与业内主流校正软件直接交互使用,如应用完全授权版本的CalMAN Studio及LightSpace CMS色彩管理软件,轻松获得准确的基于3D LUT的校正结果。 AC ( 100~240 V ) ,DC ( 12-24V 4PIN ... LightSpace CMS is the standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is not just critical, but requires facility-wide management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic.